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What areas does BarStream service?

Based in Saratoga Springs, we service New York City, New York state, New England, and beyond.


Can BarStream be customized to market my brand?

Yes! Our bar was designed to highlight your brand. We offer custom vinyl wraps, promotional glass/plastic ware, hashtag printing, and product placement.


How does your hashtag printer work?

Attendees take pictures capturing the entire event, post pictures to a designated tag, our software monitors the hashtag and prints custom branded prints. This process creates user-generated content for your brand and we can provide event analytics.


Can BarStream serve at my wedding?

Yes! BarStream can acquire beer and wine permits. Although we don’t carry a liquor license, we are available for hire with a licensed and insured caterer. Contact us and we can assist in this process.


We are a charitable organization. Can we hire BarStream for a fundraiser?

Absolutely! In most states, charitable organizations can apply for specific single use permits. Contact us and we can assist in this process.

Can BarStream come to my house?

Yes! We can serve beer, wine, and liquor provided by the host. We can assist in creating menus and shopping lists.

Does BarStream serve food?

No. BarStream only serves beverages. We have multiple caterers we can recommend to you.

We are sponsoring a community event. Can we hire you to be our alcohol vendor?

Yes! BarStream provides beer and wine vending; regulations vary state by state.


My establishment is hosting a large outdoor event. Can I hire BarStream to handle the high volume? Can I staff the BarStream with my own employees?

BarStream is the perfect partner to maximize profits at high-volume events. You are also able to staff the bar with your own employees with proof of license, permits, and insurance.


Does BarStream carry insurance?

Yes, we carry General and Liquor Liability insurance.


Can BarStream serve at my food and wine event or brew fest?

Yes! We partner with breweries, wineries, bars, distributors and sponsors. Our state-of-the-art draft system is sure to impress!


Can BarStream provide professional bartenders?

Yes! We have a network of TIPS and ServeSafe certified bartenders, contact us for pricing and availability.

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